Endowed with
a graceful chiselled body

of a classical Chola bronze, Priya has a captivating presence on stage.
Her clean movements, the luminous expression of her eyes and
powerful abhinaya are a visual delight ."

Dr. Subas Pani eminent scholar, musicologist & former bureaucrat.
She has a spring
in her steps

and power in her footwork. It was clear that this stunner was no stranger
to the stage. Her familiarity with the repertoire and her self-assured
stance bespoke her experience ."

Rupa Srikanth , The Hindu.
A very complex
and detailed Varnam

wove an extraordinary fusion of hand, eye and facial gestures
with sculptural body movements and mime ."

Craig G. Campbell The Rock River Times.
Priya in her physical
attributes epitomizes

Bharata's description of an ideal dancer. Throughout the recital the chiseled
geometry of lines combined with visual aesthetics made for an
alluring recital ."

Leela Venkataraman , The Hindu.



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